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With over 25 years of solar energy and electrical experience, Eden Solar has been harnessing the potential of the great Aussie sun to deliver affordable, high quality solar solutions to Australian families and businesses.

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Eden Solar Solutions

Domestic Grid Connect Systems

Grid connect systems can be easily retrofitted to your existing home electricity supply – giving you all the electricity you need day or night. Learn More

Eden Solar Solutions

Commercial Solar Panel Systems

Our commercial team specialises in delivering affordable, high quality, solar panel installation for Australian businesses. Save big dollars on powering your business today! Learn More

Eden Solar Solutions

Is solar energy for me?

Slash your electricity bill by up to 80%! Find out why solar panel installation is the easiest, fastest growing alternative energy source in Australia. Learn More

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Why customers choose us

With the growing number of solar providers, it’s hard to know who to trust. Many of our competitors engage in very aggressive price discounting – but you get what you pay for. Very low price points can only be achieved through the use of low quality, short life, panels and inverters.

Eden Solar is a dedicated solar energy supplier. Or focus is on delivering affordable, high quality solar energy solutions with panels and inverters manufactured in Europe and North America. It’s a commitment to the technology and the industry that we make each and every time we install a system designed to last. Read More

Clean Energy Council
Eden Solar are proud members of the Clean Energy Council of Australia